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The All Saints Library is a lovely, one of a kind space that was our school’s former chapel.  It provides an abundance of well maintained and up to date materials for our entire All Saints family.

Every student at All Saints visits the library weekly with their class. There are also plenty of other times when students can come and check out books, gather resources for class projects, or just chat with me about the books they are reading. A brief description of what happens in the library is below.

I look forward to getting to know you and your child better. My contact information is 636-397-1440 ex. 238, or I am happy to answer any questions about our library program or help you find just the right book for you or your child.

  • PRESCHOOL: Our youngest students enjoy music and movement, storytime, book checkout, and quiet reading. The books they check out stay in the preschool classroom for the week. The students really love sharing books with each other.

  • KINDERGARTEN: Like the preschoolers, our kindergarteners also enjoy music and movement, storytime, book checkout, and quiet reading time. However, they take the books they check out home to enjoy with their families. As they become independent readers, I work with their teacher to make sure they have books they can read on their own and books that can be read to them as both of these are vital to literacy. By the end of the school year our kindergartners will be participating in our A.R. reading program.

  • 1ST GRADE: Our 1st graders are fully immersed in our A.R. program. They read books and take quizzes on them. I partner with the 1st grade teacher to help the students make sure they have the right books and that they understand how to take the quizzes. During library we still have story time, often a chapter book that they can’t read alone yet, and other fun activities like puzzles and word finds. We also have quiet independent reading time where I go around and have the students read out loud to me.

  • 2ND AND 3RD GRADE: By this age the students are choosing their own books, taking quizzes, and spending time relaxing and reading. This is the age where we really begin to teach them library skills such as how to find a book when they are shelved alphabetically by the author’s last name, non fiction by the Dewey Decimal System, and the difference between different literary genres.

  • 4TH AND 5TH GRADE: 4th and 5th graders choose their own books and take quizzes. They also get a chance to read our magazine collection, discuss books, and work on book reports or book talks.

  • JUNIOR HIGH: Junior high students utilize our A.R. quizzes to help measure their vocabulary fluency and to help hold them accountable for completing one book per month outside of assigned class novels or book reports. Students must complete one quiz per month but may take more. Our 8th graders also get to participate in library centers with chess, modern coloring, puzzles, and even some mad libs! They come at 2:00 on Friday so this a fun way for our oldest students to wrap up their week.