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   Class News!
  • Thank you so much for sharing your children with me this year. I have had a wonderful year with them; hopefully, they feel the same. Thank you for all the gifts and cards I received at the end of the year, it meant a lot to me, especially the notes. As your children move up to the sixth grade remind them that they are special in your eyes and in the eyes of God. I hope they read this summer and come back in the Fall ready to learn and grow. Again, thank you so very much for choosing All Saints School. 
  • There are several websites that your child can access. They have the informational page with the logins and passwords in their white binder. I hopefully have fixed all of the problems. The only holdout is BOOM is still a work in progress.
Remember that Spelling tests (spelling and vocabulary definitions) are taken on Tuesday. The work they do on is due at that time. If they begin an assignment, they MUST finish it or they do not get the credit for the work.  The website will show how much has been completed.