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Computer Class

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

Mrs. Kaimann


Happy Spring!

Class Description:

Keyboarding-We will be focusing on keyboarding (typing) everyday throughout the school year. Kindergarten and first grade will work on more with becoming familiar with the keyboard and location of letters and basic keys. For the rest of the grades they will practice their keyboarding skills every day for the first 10 minutes of class by using a website called

Applications-We will be using different applications throughout the year with all grades. The applications that I focus the most time on is using Microsoft Office; Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. Every grade will use the applications to create projects in different ways. Based on the level of the students will determine the difficulty level of using the applications. I focus each quarter on a different application. The Internet is full of applications and we will also use different ones throughout the year.
Assignments- Every once in a while I will give out assignments that require the Internet or the computer that don’t go along with a project, these will also be graded.
Grades-Students will get a participation grade every day they have computers and if a student misses a computer class they are responsible for coming to me and arranging a time to make up those points(probably during recess one day). Since I only see the students once a week, it may take all quarter to get through one or two projects (depends on length and difficulty level of project). Their projects will be graded in different parts based on the objective for each. Then there will be an overall grade for the completion of it. Grades 5th through 8th will also take a typing test at the end of every quarter and that will be their grade for keyboarding for the quarter. So, the practice in typing we do every day is very beneficial for their overall grade.

Parent Involvement:

Feel free to contact me through school email ( or by telephone through the school office. I will also be using a website called Class DoJo that is updated every day when your child is at computers. This website is used to show you how they participated and behaved for the day. I will be sending out letters that access your account on Class DoJo, please return ASAP.
I normally do not assign homework, but there are times that I need to if your child is absent. Sometimes, the students will be required to do part of project at home because of the limited time I have with them at school. Let me know if you have any questions!