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Here's what we will be studying in second grade:

Virtue for March - Humility

Reading - identify text and graphic features, draw conclusions, identify the main idea and details of informational text, give examples of cause/effect within text, use context clues, identify character traits, and author's purpose 

Phonics - read and write words with short and long vowel sounds, final consonant blends, ending double consonants, consonant digraphs, vowel digraphs,  

Grammar - identifying and using irregular plural nouns, collective nouns, proper nouns, verbs (present, past, future), prefixes/suffixes, homophones, compound words, and inflectional endings, quotation marks, commas, compound sentences, contractions

Math - addition fact fluency, tell time to the hour and half hour, count money, two-digit addition, writing addition and subtraction fact families, comparing and ordering objects by weight, weigh objects using nonstandard units, adding 10 to a multiple of 10, fractional parts, and solving word problems, measuring inches and feet, finding coordinates on a number line 

Social Studies -  analyze democratic process, identify elected governing bodies, recognize our country's government is based on a constitution, discuss changes made to the constitution, identify Washington D.C. as our country's capitol, understand the duties of the President and Congress, recognize voting the public's way of making decisions for all

Science - explore and classify animals by their habitats, define habitats and identify the needs of plants and animals

Religion - prepare for First Communion, explain that we are called to show our love for God by serving others, understand that Jesus' life, Death, and Resurrection is the display of God's great love for us, explain that through Jesus' sacrifice we have new life.