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Welcome to Second Grade! 

For the next two weeks in second grade, the students will be...

Math- identifying and writing numbers to 100, identifying "one more" and "one less" of numbers to 100, telling time to the hour, solving addition facts (doubles with sums to 18), identifying ordinal position, and solving "some, some more" word problems

Reading/Phonics- reading and writing single syllable short vowel words (a,e,i,o,u), sequencing story events, making story predictions and inferences, and comparing/contrasting story events

Grammar- identifying complete and incomplete sentences, writing complete sentences, and identifying the subject and predicate of a sentence 

Religion- realize they are the People of God, recognize that the Mass is a special meal celebrating God’s love for all, understand the need to be welcoming to others, learn about the effects of Baptism, understand that they are the children of God, and identify the signs of the Sacrament of Baptism

Social Studies- reading and identifying the parts of maps, comparing/contrasting maps and globes, and using cardinal directions 

Science- identifying the sun as the center of our solar system, explaining why the sun is important for the survival of living things, and explain why the sun seems to move in the sky

-Ms Flanagan