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In the upcoming weeks,the students in second grade will be...

Math- identifying and writing numbers to 100, identifying "ten more" and "ten less" of numbers to 100, telling time to the hour and half hour, fluently add  facts with sums to 18, identifying ordinal position, identify place value of numbers to 100, write addition and subtraction fact families, count money to $1, divide shapes into equal parts, identify the fraction of a whole shape, and solving addition and subtraction word problems

Reading/Phonics- reading and writing single syllable short and long vowel words (a,e,i,o,u), reading and writing words with beginning and ending blends, determine the meaning of words with prefixes (un- re-),recognize that the endings-ed and -ing change the meaning of a words, sequencing story events, making story predictions and inferences, identifying cause/effect events within text, identify text and graphic features, use context clues, determine main ideas and details of text, and comparing/contrasting story events and characters

Grammar- identifying complete and incomplete sentences, writing complete sentences, identifying and using nouns (singular/plural,common/proper) within writing, identifying and using verbs within writing, use proofreading marks to identify mistakes in writing, demonstrate correct usage of punctuation and capitalization, and identifying the subject and predicate of a sentence

Religion- prepare for the sacrament of Reconciliation, recognize that God gives us free will, recognize that God is always ready to forgive, explain that the sacrament of Reconciliation helps us celebrate God's forgiveness, and make an examination of conscience based on the Ten Commandments

Social Studies- recognize that neighborhoods are part of communities, distinguish between urban, rural, and suburb, locate the state of Missouri on a map, and identify state symbols, continents, oceans, and equator. 

Science- determine and describe how the moon shines in the night sky, develop a model of the moon phases and describe how they happen, identify animal groups and give characteristics of animals within that group, identify and describe the different biomes

-Ms Flanagan