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Welcome to All Saints Preschool!

We are so happy you have chosen All Saints!  This will be a big year of learning for our preschoolers.  Throughout our time together we will work on all those skills that will prepare your child for Kindergarten!  Each of our thematic units will strengthen and enhance the following areas of development:

Gross Motor Development  - refers to large muscle movement.  Outdoor play will provide your child with the fresh air that is needed to help stimulate muscle growth.  Our youngest learners need ample opportunity to work their muscles through climbing, hanging, jumping, and running.

Fine Motor Development - refers to those small muscle movements made with hands and fingers.  We will help our students enhance fine motor skills by providing activities that utilize cutting, coloring, writing, pinching, and squeezing.  All of these activities promote healthy fine motor development!

Social/Emotional Development - the ability to interact with others in an appropriate and effective way.  We will provide activities that promote turn-taking, question-asking, and waiting for answers from peers.  Healthy social interactions in the early years set the pace for healthy social interactions later in life. Emotionally, our preschoolers will learn to express feelings appropriately, control their emotions, and develop relationships with their peers.

Cognitive Development - the ability to solve problems and learn from their environment.  We will engage in pre-reading strategies and pre-math strategies that will set the stage for the next phase of learning in Kindergarten.

I praise you because I am wonderfully made; wonderful are your works. My very self you know.”