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Dear Boys and Girls and Parents,

I hope you will use good study skills this year.  They will make it easier for you to learn well.  Sixth Graders, we will work on good study skills during the study skills elective and also during class.

In sixth grade this first quarter, we will study astronomy.  You will learn many cool things about the planets and moons and other objects in our solar system.  We will learn how stars and planets form and the life cycle of medium stars like our Sun and massive stars like Betelgeuse.  We will learn about supernovas, neutron stars, and black holes.  We will learn about our galaxy, the Milky Way, and about the many billions of other galaxies.  We will learn why we have seasons, how the phases of the Moon work, how eclipses happen, and how tides happen.  We will also learn about some theories of the universe and about the evidence we have for an expanding universe.  We will also learn more about the history of space exploration.

In seventh grade this first quarter, we will learn about the scientific method, about the characteristics of living things, and about human biology.  We will learn how we are organized into cells, tissues, organs, and organ systems.  Then we will study about our 11 organ systems beginning with our skeletal system, our muscle system, and our integumentary system (our skin, hair, and nails).  Then we will learn about our cardiovascular system, our lymphatic system, and our respiratory system.  Then we will learn about our digestive system and our excretory system.

In eighth grade this first quarter, we will begin our study of physics.  We will learn about motion, speed, velocity, and acceleration.  We will learn about forces and about acceleration due to gravity and Newton's 3 laws of motion.  Then we will learn about Pascal's principle and hydraulics, Archimedes' principle and buoyancy, and Bernoulli's principle and flight.