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Dear Boys and Girls and Parents,

"Good Study Skills Make Learning Easier and More Fun."

I have been learning more about good study skills from teaching an elective on study skills.

Some of the things I have learned that may be helpful to you are:

1) You will learn much more if you space your learning over a number of days instead of just studying the night before a test (this is known as cramming).  One reason for this is that our brain works to consolidate our learning while we sleep.  Having your brain work while you sleep over a period of days helps you transfer what you study into your long-term memory. Benedict Carey in his book, How We Learn, says that you can remember much more of what you study by using spaced study--studying a little every night instead of cramming for tests, and you can do this without adding to the amount of time that you study.

2) Quizzing yourself (or making practice tests or study cards or Quizlets) is much more helpful for learning than just reading your notes over and over or reading and rereading the chapter.

3) I would also recommend previewing what you read, turning headings into questions, and talking about what you are studying as other ways to help you learn better.

 There are a number of very good videos on study skills. One series that seems very good to me is Crash Course Study Skills.  This contains eight short videos that you might find helpful.