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Dear 8th Graders,

Now is the time to use your best study skills, to study hard, and to prepare well for high school.  In science we will learn about the Periodic Table.  My goal is to help you understand it well so that it can be your best friend in studying chemistry. We will have 3 tests on the Periodic Table and I think you will see that it is a helpful tool worth knowing about.  We will then learn how atoms bond together to form chemical compounds.  We will learn about ionic, covalent, and metallic bonding and about hydrogen bonding which gives water its remarkable properties.  We will then learn about chemical reactions and how to balance chemical equations. Finally, we will learn about important chemical compounds such as acids and bases, oxides, and organic compounds.  I hope you are willing to work hard to learn well.

 Dear 7th Graders,

We will finish our study of human biology and then learn about heredity and DNA.  We will find out how our genetic code works.  We will also learn about evolution and about the history of life on Earth.  We will then learn about how living things are classified and about the six kingdoms of living things. It is time to use your best study skills.

Dear 6th Graders,

We will learn about storms in weather and about the 5 main climate factors. We will then learn about bacteria and viruses and about our body's defenses against disease.  We will then learn the basics of electricity and then we will work on solving the energy crisis and what we can do about climate disruption. It is time to use your best study skills.