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We are starting second quarter and the students have had a lot of success in both subjects.  It is important to continue to follow my suggestions below on how to be successful.  The students are tempted to rely on their past success and get stuck falling behind.  

How Does Mr. Brown’s Math Class Work?

Flipped Class

My math class is a flipped classroom. The students will login to a site called almost every night to watch a video that I made to teach the concept for that lesson which we will work on the next day. During class students will work on the concepts and practice problems for the upcoming test.

If you were like me growing up, I would try to understand the teacher during the lecture, practice just a little in class and then try to do the homework. A lot of nights ended up with me struggling to understand the concept and my parents not understanding it either. There would be a lot of arguing. The flipped classroom solves a lot of that problem. Students watch the lecture at home and come to school to practice with supervision. They avoid learning mistakes that take 7 times longer to unlearn than to learn. You can help by making sure that your child is watching the videos every night and has a good working memory for basic math facts. When students know their facts, their brains are free to work on the functions and processes.


A lot of the classwork is also done on This gives students immediate feedback if their answers are right or wrong. Students have until the end of the quarter to get a perfect score on all the assignments. There is no reason that a student shouldn't have an A on their classwork.

Power Ups

Everyday we begin the class with something called power ups. These are concepts students should memorize. We work on the same power up at least 10 times before there is a test on it. And the test is exactly the same as what students have seen 10 times in class. Again, the students shouldn't have below an A on their power up grade. 

Tips for Continued Success


  1. Make sure students continue to watch the videos every night. The book continues to get tougher and falling behind is easy to do if students are not keeping up with the videos.

  2. I am available before school any day and Monday until 3:45 for any tutoring.

  3. Students can work on each assignment an unlimited number of times until they get 100%. This is great practice to make sure your child understands the concept. If you want to know how to see your child’s grades on Schoology, you can email me for the steps.

Social Studies:

  1. We are differentiating the way students will learn. Every two weeks each student will work with two other students on researching a topic in the unit we are covering. They will research the given topic and then present it using Prezi or Google Slides. Each group will come up with two multiple choice questions and three vocabulary words for the test. Then they will present their topic to the class. This will make the learning experience more interactive giving them ownership of what they are learning.

  2. To stay up to date with current events, we watch CNN 10 a program for students that gives them information on what is happening around the world. Please ask your child about this. There are many cool things students are learning about.

  3. Make sure your student is practicing the Kahoot and Quizlet games to review questions on upcoming quizzes and tests. These can be practiced on most tablets and phones.

If you ever have any questions please e-mail me at