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March 12, 2018


Dear Parents,


Please remember that the space posters are due on Wednesday. They need to include 3 facts and a picture(s). Usually a presentation will include a lot more. However, this is the first presentation that the students have done, so I don’t want it to be overwhelming. Your child should be able to tell me the facts on the poster, and what they mean. Many times students will write down a fact, read it, and have no idea what the fact means. Please remember that this is their project to do. Yes, they will need help, but they should be creating the poster.


Spelling words for this week-regular-play, grain, sail, mail, may, rain, way, day, stay, pain, right & always. Challenge list – paint, braid, plain, raise, trail, afraid, sprain, spray, stray, always, delay & today. High frequency words are- first, food, around, right, sometimes, these, under & your.   We will have a test on Friday. 

I am sending home the booklet- Pigs Can Sleep. I will have your child read this to me on Thursday or Friday and answer questions regarding the story.


This month we are collecting candy for the Alleluia baskets.

Our virtue for this month is – Humility.


Have a good week

Miss Mohan









































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