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Mr. Robert Schaberg - About Me

I have a sixth grade homeroom and I teach sixth, seventh, and eighth grade science.  In the recent past I have also taught the Old Testament in sixth grade religion and social studies.  I have taught at All Saints for over 36 years.  I appreciate the welcoming spirit that characterizes All Saints School and Parish.
I grew up in Illinois and moved to St. Charles when I was a sophomore in high school.  I graduated from Duchesne High School and I went to Rockhurst College for one year.  I received an A.B. degree from St. Louis University and  Ph.D. in history from St. Louis University, where I wrote my doctoral dissertation on Joseph Priestley (the discoverer of oxygen).  I have also taken courses from the University of Missouri-St. Louis and St. Charles Community College.  I usually take one class a summer.
I enjoy learning and I have always tried to keep learning.  My view of teaching is that the students and I are fellow learners in the great enterprise of learning, and that we learn from each other.  School is the place to learn how to learn.  (I also try to teach the students good study skills.)  I enjoy reading, and I like to read about science, history, and other subjects.  I have also been a runner for 30 years.