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Social Studies;4th - Mrs. Maria Ratermann

Due Date Assignment Description
5/15/2018 U.S. Identification

The U.S. test will be on May 15th.   Students will need to be able to identify the states, their capital and postal code (abbreviation), and any of the major landforms.  All terms must be spelled correctly to be considered correct.  Students were given a handout for home and for school at the open house and during the second week of school.  Terms will be included on students spelling tests to help them prepare for this test.  In addition, there are some great links to websites on my web page to help your child to use to prepare.

4/18/2018 Lewis and Clark test

Students will have a test over the Lewis and Clark Unit.  The information for this unit came from powerpoints, books, their play, and related activities.  Please use the study guide and student notebooks to prepare for this test.  Study guides will be distributed on 5/2 or can be found on my website now.

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